Uniform Policy

Uniform clothing is required for all students. Students must wear approved clothing appropriately while on campus. Students who do not come appropriately attired will have to call parents to bring the appropriate uniform items for the student to change into.

Uniforms consist of navy, khaki, or dark blue denim pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, or jumpers. Clothing must be without tears or excessive bling and clothing should fit properly and not be too large or small. Shirts must be flag red, navy blue, or white polo shirts.

Sweaters and jackets of any color may be worn on campus outside of the classroom, but only sweaters and jackets that are solid red, white, or navy blue may be worn in the classroom.

Button-down shirts may be worn in lieu of the polo.

Shirts must be tucked in.


Dress Code

All students enrolled in George Washington Academy are expected to abide by the following code:

Baseball Caps/Hats: No hats will be allowed to be worn inside any building at any time (either by boys or girls) unless a school spirit day has been assigned, Dress-Out Days, or as part of a teacher sponsored class activity. Any head covering may be considered a “hat” under this policy and determination of appropriateness (including whether or not a head covering is worn in such a way as to become distracting) will be at the discretion of GWA staff and/or administration.

Shirts: Must cover the waistband of pants, or stay tucked into the waistband of pants, with no midriff or lower back exposed at any time, nor during any activity (no exceptions). There will be no low necklines or low backs on any shirts or dresses. The entire back must be covered, and no undergarments may show. Outer garments must meet the dress code and uniform standards.

Pants/Shorts/Dresses/Skirts: The length of shorts and skirts/dresses will be no shorter than mid-thigh (arm’s length). Pants must be hemmed and be of appropriate size for the child wearing them with no baggy or sagging styles. No undergarments may show at any time. Final decision will be left up to the discernment of the administration and faculty. All clothing must be clean, neat and in good repair; factory or pre-shredded clothing are not permitted to be worn.

Footwear: House slippers, sandals, and flip flops will not be allowed. Soles and heels of shoes may be no higher than one and a half inches. Shoes must be worn on campus at all times and only close-toed shoes are permitted.

Inappropriate/Obscene Images/Text: Inappropriate or obscene language, advertisements, or images are not allowed on any article of clothing or another item brought to school, including but not limited to: jewelry, belt buckles, belts, backpacks, folders, hats, books and papers.

Jewelry/Body Piercing: Pierced jewelry may be worn by female students in the ears only. No other pierced jewelry will be allowed. Earrings must be moderate in size and should be limited to one pair. No piercing plugs or gauges may be worn. Determination of jewelry appropriateness will be at the discretion of the staff and administration.

Hair and Makeup: Hair and makeup may not be distracting. Appropriate grooming and hygiene standards must be met. Hair should be neat, clean and conservative in color, cut and style. Male students must always

children     dress