George Washington Academy, Snowflake, AZ

Dress Code Policy

George Washington Academy Students will wear uniforms whenever they are on the GWA campus. Exceptions may include uniform buy-out days, school programs or sports activities (as determined by the principal) or other special activities.

The Uniform shirts are red (flag red), white, or dark (navy) blue collared polo shirts or collared blouses for the girls. Uniform pants, shorts, and skirts are to be navy blue or khaki. Shorts and skirts must be just above the knee and short shorts or skorts are not allowed. Dockers or Dickies style pants are appropriate. Denims may be worn if they are unfaded, dark blue or khaki, with no holes, tears, or bling. Leggings that are red, white or navy blue may only be worn under girls’ skirts or jumpers. Baggy, tight fitting, or revealing clothes are unacceptable.

Shoes may be any closed-toed shoes. Sandals are not acceptable footwear because of the safety issues involved.

During cold weather, students may wear whatever sweat shirts, jackets, or hoodies they possess. However, they must take the outer wear off while in the classroom.

Uniforms may be purchased locally at Walmart and JC Penney’s stores, or online at Target, Old Navy, and French Toast. Thrift stores in the Valley are also a good place to look for gently used uniforms at a reasonable price. We will have a uniform exchange/purchase day every fall just before the new school year begins.

Students may be sent home if they are out of uniform or if uniforms are not to GWA standards. These cases will be determined by the administration.