George Washington Academy, Snowflake, AZ

Sequoia Wellness Policy


The Sequoia Schools Health and Wellness Committee shall be comprised of the assistant superintendent, health and wellness coordinator, representatives from all schools on the Sequoia Charter Horne campus, and community members. The Sequoia Schools Health and Wellness Committee recognizes that the Sequoia Schools community can and should serve as a resource and model for wellness for staff, students, their families and the community, to demonstrate that:

1. All school staff serves as role models for peers and students by improving their own health and reducing personal health risk factors;

2. A healthy school environment encourages students to adopt healthy behaviors and improves the performance of staff members (i.e., reduces absenteeism and staff turnover, and improves morale, productivity and continuity of instruction);

3. A comprehensive local health promotion program produces informed consumers who are motivated to reduce health risk factors which are within their individual control, thereby reducing the rapidly escalating use and cost of medical services/insurance; and

4. School-community coalitions create a climate for wellness that is mutually beneficial and can enhance taxpayer support of school programs and facilities.

The Superintendent or his designee (shall be responsible for) organizing and implementing a comprehensive school-based health promotion program, including student and staff wellness activities, safety, environmental programs, comprehensive school health education curricula and health services.

The Committee supports establishing and maintaining the program as an integral component of the instructional, operational, and staff development activities of the district, based on the resources of the entire school staff, and the community at large.