George Washington Academy, Snowflake, AZ

GWA Teachers & Staff

Principal, Kathleen R. Danielson, Ed.D.
Principal and co-founder, Kathleen has 40 years experience as an educator and has served as a teacher, school counselor, and administrator.

Administrative Program Manager, Sylvia Allen
State Senator and co-founder of GWA, Sylvia has been and continues to be a driving force who keeps our school moving forward.

Administrative Assistant, Wendy McCullough
Wendy has years of experience as a coordinator of an exchange student placement program. She is doing a great job at GWA.

Case Manager, Stephanie Peterson, M.Ed.
Stephanie is an experienced educator with a strong pre-education background in business. She coordinates all of our special services to students including, but not limited to, Special Education

Kindergarten, Christine Hunt
Christine is an experienced educator with a reading specialist endorsement on her certificate. She is also a Nationally Board Certified Early Childhood Specialist. Her kindergarten children should blossom under her tutelage.

First Grade, Kellee Hunt
Kellee taught first grade for us last year and did an outstanding job. She is our Spalding Reading Specialist and has been training and mentoring our teachers who are new to Spalding this year.

K-1 Paraprofessional, Chanda Hunt
Chanda is an experienced para-pro having worked for Snowflake School District. She will spend mornings in the kindergarten classroom and afternoons in the first grade. Since our K-1 classes will be housed in a two-classroom pod, it will be easy for Chanda to move between teachers as needed.

Second Grade, Tammy Peterson
Tammy is a recent graduate of ASU and comes to us with glowing references. She is already on her way to a dynamic year with the students. She comes to us from Mesa.

Third Grade, Brandi Peterson
Brandi is returning to teaching from an hiatus of raising her 4 children. They are old enough now to allow her to return to her passion for teaching. She is without a doubt one of the most organized people you’d ever want to meet!

2-3 grade Paraprofessionals, Sylvia Dana and Shelley Keesler
Sylvia is returning to us from a successful year last year. She has had a great deal of experience as a para-pro. Her experience and maturity make her and excellent addition to our 2-3 team.
Shelley also brings maturity and experience to her work. Last year she served as a volunteer in our library. In addition to her work with 3rd grade, Shelley is a CNA and will be serving as our health aide and safety coordinator.

Fourth Grade, Rebecca Lyman
Becky comes to us from San Diego via Oregon. She owns her own bakery and hadn’t planned to return to teaching, but when she heard about GWA from a neighbor, she decided to talk with us. The rest, as they say, is history!

Fifth Grade, Anthony Ellsworth
This is Tony’s first year fulltime in the classroom, but he has had extensive experience teaching both within and without the school classroom. His background is in computers and he will be serving as our tech rep with the district. Thanks to a two-year mission, Tony is also fluent in Japanese!

4-5 Paraprofessional, Robyn Stuart
Robyn has a background in cooking, baking, and the theater. She as a lot of experience working with children and is a valuable asset to our team.

Sixth grade, Breanna Thomas
Breanna is a recent graduate of BYU Idaho. She student taught in a junior high school and will do wonderful things for our 6th graders. She also served a mission and is fluent in Spanish. She is a big history buff and is looking forward to diving into the ancient cultures of the world. She has traveled extensively to Central and South America.

Junior High School, Debra Webber
Debby has extensive experience as a para-pro. She just recently completed her degree and is excited to meet the challenge of our junior high school students. She also did her student teaching at the junior high and has many years of experience teaching middle school children.

6-7/8 Paraprofessional, Valerie Peterson
Val began working at GWA in January and has proven herself to be an incredible asset at whatever she does. She is also a GWA parent with 5 children in the school. It is her family pictured on the Pioneer Day Float, including her husband, David, who represented our school’s namesake.

Custodial and Maintenance, Curtis McConnell
Curt owns his own professional janitorial service company. He did some work for us as a vendor and we were so impressed. We are so pleased that he has agree to work for us as a member of our GWA staff.